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There are three classes of membership:


(1) Full membership - must own a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, has the right to vote at general meetings, can serve on the Committee, may attend rallies and bring one guest into rallies at the reduced membership rate (to qualify as a guest, the person in question must arrive as a pillion passenger, or sidecar passenger of the full member rider), receives the bi-monthly Club News Letter.


Fee €3.00 per month (€ 36.00 per annum)


(2) Associate membership - must be the spouse or permanent partner of a Full Member, has the right to vote at general meetings, may attend rallies unaccompanied at the reduced membership rate, can serve on the Committee, does not receive a copy of the news letter.


Fee €1.50 per month (€ 18.00 per annum)


(3) Child membership – applies up to and including the age of 18 and must be a relative of a Full Member, no voting rights, cannot serve on the Committee, cannot attend rallies alone.


Fee €0.50 per month (€ 6.00 per annum)


What to do next:


(1) Download the MIH-DC Membership Application Form (please click on the button below)


(2) Fill in the Application Form


(3) Calculate the fee, using the guidance below.


All memberships are calculated on a per annum basis, and all expire on December of the same year.


Example: start date is 15th march 2014 (note march will be included in full) membership type Full Member 


So march to December = 10 months multiplied by €3.00 (full member monthly fee)


Amount to be submitted with App form will be €30.00


Payment methods Cash or Cheque payable to MIH-DC



(4) Either post your application form together with your fee or submit it by hand, please refrain from sending cash if you are posting your application.


Postal Address:




182 Mdina Road

Zebbug, Malta

ZBG 9015




(5) Hop on your Saddle and Get Ready for a good time.... yeee haaa 



Please note:


All new members will be subject to probation period of four meetings / rides. You will be assessed by members of the committee and club members on your general behaviour and group riding skills. You will be handed a MIH-DC Riding Handbook with general riding formations and hand signals prior to your first group ride. During your first ride you will be asked to stay at the very end of the group just before the Sweeper (last man) for your safety and that of other riders. You will not receive your membership card until you pass your probation period neither will you be able to purchase MIH-DC patches. In the un-likely event that you do not qualify as a member you will be refunded the membership fee in full. 


As a club and group of good friends, who meet and socialise together as riders of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, we all share the same passion. We also like to involve family members in our activities and like to keep it as family oriented as possible. Our aim is to safeguard the quality of the membership experience, not to merely build numbers. Please don’t feel offended or discouraged by our rules of engagement but we feel that it is more important for us to uphold what we have, than to grow in the wrong way.


Yet again we are eager to meet you and add another great Harley-Davidson Rider to our wonderful group.

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